How to get all commands available when using the !commands

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When I use the command !commands I get:
Current custom commands: !uptime, !followage, !playtime, !title, !game, !age, !mytime, !so, !givepoints

But how do I get all the available commands to show when using !commands? For example I added in my own custom command for OBS. This doesn’t show up when using !commands but I can get it to show up if I add it to my aliases. Although I don’t want to do that as the command is simply obs. Also commands such as addcom, delcom, and points don’t show up as well as the commands for games.

Is there a way to get all available / enabled commands to show including your own custom commands without having to add command aliases when you type the !commands?

!botcommands will show you commands that are built-in to scripts, if your permissions allow you to use them

Yeah but it doesn’t show the points command or game commands. The user would have to go to an external site. And even then only shows all commands but not what commands are available to use and not to use. Also the external site won’t show any custom commands that I made or will make. As I mentioned my OBS custom command is not listed in the !commands or the !botcommands. So commands like that, or new commands I create, no one will know about. Unless I verbally tell them all the available commands or write them somewhere like in the Twitch panels.

Since the description of the !commands says “Provides a list of all available custom commands.” the only other way I see to get the custom commands to be listed is to add my custom command in the custom command section of the web panel. And give it a generic response or description. Or I can list it in the Aliases section, which doesn’t make sense. I was hoping for something similar to what Streamelements does and lists each command including custom. Along with the link to the description. While the !botcommands does provide some of the commands, it’s just a tiny list. But doesn’t really give the indication of what commands a user can use.

For example the !bitsmessage command that is listed in the botcommands, is not available for use. But the !points command is but isn’t listed in the bot commands. The user would have to travel to an external site to crawl through the list of 154 commands to find it.

I realize that showing all 154 commands when using the !commands or !botcommands is not ideal nor would that be a good thing. But showing the commands of only the enabled modules would be.