How to display the wins and losses of a game in OBS?


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Hi, I am trying to find a way so that when I type, “!win” and “!lose” in the chat, the counter will go up in chat as well as show up in OBS.

I assumed it was like showing the current song in OBS like this: Nowplaying from the youtubeplayer

But I can’t find a text file like that in phantombot.

I wanted to add a text source in OBS to show the wins/losses.

I don’t like switching back and forth between OBS to manually update my wins and losses.

Is there a way to do something like I described?


There is a (count) variable that you can use in custom commands.

The (count) isn’t recorded as a file you can read, yet, I’m not sure if that is planned for future updates currently, though that could be reposted as a Feature Request if not.


This is a super old topic and the code probably doesn’t work anymore:

But I created a customizable death counter. You could use that for one of the commands. Then you can rework the existing death counter as the other command. If the code doesn’t work you just can kinda copy-paste the death counter command code as a new script.

To rework it you would need to create an alias for it (!aliascom deathctr win). Then you go into the lang files associated to the command and change the death text to what you want. Here’s a guide for the lang files:

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