How can I my bot unmute

My Bot is muted how can I disable it?
chat hallo
[03-17-2019 @ 18:11:43.949 GMT] [MUTED] hallo
[03-17-2019 @ 18:12:09.988 GMT] jeanlucaandre: !addcomc
[03-17-2019 @ 18:12:13.811 GMT] [MUTED] /w jeanlucaandre Usage: !addcom (command) (message)
[03-17-2019 @ 18:12:50.544 GMT] jeanlucaandre: !moin
[03-17-2019 @ 18:12:50.564 GMT] [MUTED] Moin Moin und viel spaß


there is a Setting unter Settings -> Bot named “Mute Bot replies”
this needs to be set to “No”


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