Hours to Only Collect If User Speaks in Chat?

Hi there,
I’m not sure if this is possible to set up already, or if this exists. If so, PLEASE enlighten me :smiley: If not, I am requesting this feature. I would like that people who lurk in my stream and not say anything, to NOT go up in hours. I know about the ignore bots feature, entering a bot name into there will block them from gaining any time in stream, but I’d like the hours/time to start counting only if that person says something in chat. I made ranks, one of them being from 0 hours to 5 hours (being regular status) and when someone would join my chat for the first time, and not say anything, they would be called out by the Phantom bot for leveling to the first level at 0 hours, Newbie level. (If I changed ‘Newbie’ level to be at 1 hour then this would just postpone the same issue) This was pretty bad, so I had to disable rank shoutouts all together.

Previously, I used Streamlabs Chatbot and that bot would not count anyone’s time if they didn’t speak in chat, so people who lurked in my channel over the span of days, would not gain hours when I’m streaming, if they never speak in chat. Currently, my currency is through Streamlabs Extension and I’ve heard of other bots having that similar lock on their currency system as well, Streamlabs Extension does not have that, unfortunately. If that was possible with Phantom bot Currency, I would definitely consider switching to that!

My reason for asking for all this is that my viewers enjoy checking the top hours and trying to get up higher than others and unlocking cool/custom ranks. The people I see doing this lately are in the communities I’m part of, and are doing this in quite a few other streams. Some of which have prizes people unlock by reaching a certain level of currency. Gift cards/gifted Subs/etc. So people sitting in multiple chats and not being part of the streams, farming currency/hours to unlock actual prizes from a stream they aren’t watching does not seem fair to me, so finding a way to “lock” that gain in hours/currency is what I am asking for. :slight_smile:

Thank you for any help or info provided!! <3

So, after someone wrote the first time in Chat, he can lurk for the rest of the stream? Isn’t that then really helpful? You can give more points for active users, instead of stopping counting their hours, cause Lurkers are very helpful for your stream. Don’t harm them with such rules.

Just set the number of points someone gets per minute to something low and set the active bonus to something higher. So giveaways and and so on can only be participate by users with lots of points.

The other solution would need to remove the hour tracker like it is currently and customise the code for “Active User Points” to also add the time to the database.

Well my problem here is not ‘lurkers’. I don’t mind lurkers. I have two people that told me they are using a bot or program like Chatty that puts them in lots of streams, like ElectricalLongboard, CommanderRoot, accounts like that, where these people just farm currency/hours. They are not watching my stream silently, they are using another program to be in my chat and many others. My problem with that is that I have prizes of real monetary value for people who hit certain milestones in currency. Now they sit in my chat for a week, they never speak during that time and they have lots of currency from that and many hours. That is unfair to those that come around, hangout and work towards those milestones with currency and hours. They get put on my leader board for a lot of hours when its not legitimately earned hours. They get access to prizes for reaching milestones when they have spoke a total of like 15 messages in my chat but reached that milestone in a month or a matter of weeks? That isn’t fair to the viewers who work for that, its not fair to me and that’s cheating the system I’ve put in place to reward those who spend time in my stream. Its like putting “Giveaway” in a stream title, then new people coming in who wont bother interacting with chat or the streamer and just want the prize. I hope that makes more sense to you as to what I’m trying to say and my reason for doing this.

As far as customizing code for the hour tracker, do you know how this could be done? I am not at all familiar with code. Any help you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

I think the best way is it to set the active point bonus much higher than the points per minute, like dungi already said.
Another thing: Why don’t you add them to the bot list? They are never in your stream and they are farming points only to get the next giveaway? So they are absolutely uninteresting for you, add them to the list and they get nothing.
You can also activate some chat games in which you can win many points. This way active chatters will always have more points than simple lurkers.
I have also some people which are always in my chat but not writing anything. But they have far less points than my active viewers/chatters.

I don’t think that anyone will add this feature, it’s a very special use case.


Well currently, I’m not using Phantombot for my currency. I’m using Streamlabs Extension because the mini-games are all done through the extension interface where users can see their points and what they can redeem, and it greatly reduces bot spam from the mini games. Unfortunately, they don’t have an ‘active bonus’ like PhantomBot does.

In my second post, I was just trying to get across that I don’t have a problem with lurkers and its just a select few people that are farming points/hours. Nothing wrong with people lurking in my stream.

I appreciate the assistance from IceFlom and Dungi. I think I will have to add them to the bot list for Streamlabs Extension AND Phantom Bot at this time, then. I don’t have anyone else who farms hours/currency to my knowledge.

Thank you for the help. It’s good to know I wasn’t just missing some feature I could enable :slight_smile:

But maybe we can add a privacy feature to the bot. Currently everyone who joins your chat for just 1 minute is in the database. So we can add a feature toggle, that only tracks points and hours of someone, that at least wrote 1 time in chat. So the database is not full of one time guests or bots.