Hosting phantombot on Heroku?


Is it possible to host Phantombot on something like Heroku. And how do I do it?


Technically yes, you can figure out whatever operating system they use and follow a guide in the documentation. “Free” services are not recommended as some features provided may not work properly or at all. Plus if you channel is even slightly large, the poor quality server they provide as a free tier is not quite enough to run PhantomBot.

You’re much better off going with Vultur/Scaleway (depending on if you need a US/EU host) or another host listed here.


Looks like the information, but we use ant not maven for our builds:

Perhaps someone else has used Heroku and can provide additional information, otherwise, I would ask their support team. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support, has Koji is eluding to above, for all of the different service providers out there. Our team does not have the bandwidth to do so.


looking though heroku it looks like its just like github/bitbucket where you upload projects to not to host them as you have to install heroku onto the system you want to download the project onto

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