Hosting a bot from a second computer, setting up counter

Hello there, and i mean i might sound dumb here but how would i display a counter from the bot that is being hosted on an another computer and i know about the browser source of it but how would i actually set it up? (also sorry if missed some fourm on here because i haven’t had much time to go look) (and also as a final note i won’t be able to respond for quite a bit but for now i will try my best to keep up with this)

The browser source would point to the DNS (or IP) of the remote server and must include the webauth key from your botlogin.txt For example, to pull the Death Counter from my development server, masking part of my key and changing my DNS:

Note the /addons/deathctr/deathctr.txt portion. This is the path to the counter file that you wish to display. Now, you may wish to force a refresh as well, especially if the file is not entirely static. Then you would want to use (example):

This requests a refresh every 5 seconds – so yes, it may be a few seconds behind, but that helps to reduce the load on the built-in micro HTTP server.

Thank you this was very useful

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