History logging down?

My bot has not logged any history events (tips, hosts, raids) in a few months. Wondering if a recent update may have impacted that.

When I view those sections in the panel all logged events stopped in January.

Only thing that could cause this is if you didn’t update your bot scripts. There is one new script in the core folder that handles tracking all of this information.

When I update the bot I copy my files ( /config/ and /scripts/lang/custom/ ) into the updated version’s folder structure, so everything that’s contained in the release should be there.

Please cut and paste your entire upgrade process. I want to see all steps, including shutting down the bot and restarting it. Also, please send me a screenshot of the scripts/ directories with all file sizes and timestamps. I want to audit against the official build.

I have upgraded 3 bots in the past couple of weeks without issue including one last night and all historical data came across without issue in the Panel. Last night, it literally took me 5 minutes and the streamer just refreshed the Panel web page when I was done and he saw all of his data (he would have told me if he hadn’t - and I just looked at his Panel, everything is in place).

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