Having Troubles Running the Command Panel Remotely


If this happens to be you:

“Help! I cannot run the Control Panel from the remote server that I have PhantomBot on!”

More than likely your remote server has a firewall policy which is not allowing traffic inbound. While we cannot cover how to configure every OS and server provider out there, we will define the ports that you need to open and some strategies to getting the firewalls opened.

The Ports

The following ports need to be open on a stock installation of PhantomBot, note that if you change the baseport setting, that these ports change.

Port 25000 - Used by the PhantomBot Web Server and REST API provider.
Port 25003 - Used by the PhantomBot YouTube Player for backend communication purposes.
Port 25004 - Used by the PhantomBot Control Panel for backend communication purposes.

If you have changed baseport then the ports are baseport and baseport + 3 and baseport + 4.

Where Are Firewalls Controlled

This will depend upon your operating system and your hosting provider. Some hosting providers have an additional firewall in front of your server that you must also configure. You may contact your hosting provider to find out if this is the case.

Each operating system has different firewall configuration utilities. Here are some links to some popular operating systems that should provide some guidance on how to configure firewalls.

Linux Ubuntu 17
Linux Ubuntu 16
Linux CentOS 5 and 6
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012

For additional help, please reach out to your hosting provider. Most hosting providers will provide documentation on how to manage firewalls for the instances that they provide.

Do Not Just Disable Your Firewall

We caution you against just disabling your firewall completely on any server. A good number of attacks come from automated systems that are just looking for IPs and a way in.

Suggested Settings for Firewalls

We do suggest that you follow the principle of least privilege when setting up your firewall rules. Typically, only you will need to access your Control Panel and YouTube Player so consider only whitelisting your IP address. We also recommend shutting down remote access as much as possible, especially in the case of Linux systems we have SSH access. If possible, restrict SSH to only your IP address. There are ways to only allow password access in SSH to a specific IP, or set of IPs, and force everyone else to use keys. This is a good method to use in case your IP ever changes and you need into the server.

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