H2 Database Support



A new database type has been added to the Nightly Build. This is still under development and might have issues, also, it does not auto-convert from an existing database type. However, it appears in preliminary tests to run more efficiently than SQLite3, the default database system. For example, I am clocking 10,000 inserts in around 16 seconds compared to around 46 seconds in SQLite.

There will not be support provided for this feature, but we do appreciate all bug reports.

If you wish to test this feature, you would need to place the following in the botlogin.txt:

If you wish to access the database, when the bot is not running, you may run the following in the PhantomBot directory:
java -jar lib/h2-1.4.195.jar -web

This will let you know that it is running on the local IP address on port 8082. If you are running on your local Mac or PC, you can launch localhost:8082 in your browser with the following configuration:

Saved Settings: Generic H2 (Embedded)
Setting Name: Generic H2 (Embedded)
Driver Class: org.h2.Driver
JDBC URL: jdbc:h2:./config/phantombot.h2

This feature may or may not stay with PhantomBot, it is being evaluated at this time. Feel free though to try it out if you wish and let us know if you see any issues.


PhantomBot v2.3.7 Release Notes