Going Live Notification [DISCORD]

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So I’ve added multiple people to my !goinglive add [channel] command, and it seem too have quit working some time ago. All the ones ive done in the past, work, then took a hiatus and started adding people to my discord again and now it seems to not work.

Do any of the people being shouted out not have a banner on their channel? If so, update to the nightly build, there should be a fix in there.

No they all have banners, (that was quite a few to check) but after i do the !goinglive add [channel] it says they are added to the list but when they go live it doesnt posts, it works for half and the other half it doesnt

ok i see where i screwed it up but at the same time its a simple screw up, instead of using the actual link of the channel you use just the name

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