GIF commands (echo) argument bug

PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0 (Revision: fcc08b51)
Java Version: 1.8.0_65-b17
OS Version: Linux 4.19.42-v7+ (arm)
Panel Version: 1.0.0
Stock PhantomBot: No (No core scripts have been modified, only language files and expressions)

I am trying to make it so the GIF commands can also show the text after the command via (echo) but if there is a comma in the text, it displays everything until the comma but nothing past it.

The commands look like this:

(alert banana.gif,5,1,text-align:center;top:50%;font-size: 5vw;color: white;,(echo)) 

No commas in (echo) works just fine.

Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo

So I understand why it doesn’t display what’s after the comma, since the command itself uses them to separate arguments inside the brackets. Is there a workaround?

Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo

Fixed in PR #2161

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That was super fast and dead simple… I’m feeling dumb hahah Thank you very much!