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I can’t find the option to use the resub-message inside the bot. I want to make a TTS-Website, that read the Resub-Message out loud, like I saw that on my other streams.


By use do you mean configure?

Every user can enter a resub message, I want to speech that out… but currently I can only get the “Bits” message, but not the resub message

If I was trying to capture a new message type I modify the Java Core to display the raw Twitch data that comes in from Twitch then determine how to capture that, create an event, and deal with the data. I am not sure if that data is sent as PRIVMSG or via another IRC type.

EDIT: Read this guide

From what I can see, according to the docs, we throw away the message, we can get it, however if someone adds that message into the chat reply the bot sends it, we could hit the max message length size, which then the message doesn’t send.

No, we won’t split messages, that slows things down.

The message would be in the message variable in our handler logic, if you want to implement your logic to get it in the scripts.

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Yeah. From The Guide, it would be “Great stream – keep it up!” that I want to extract.

hmm… I guess I have to test this on my own.

Cause this would be something cool, we can add to the “Event”-Section in the Beta-Panel. Or as a Discord-Alert.

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