General questions about Phantombot

So, I’m new streamer that runs a linux system. I have a custom setup where I use hexchat with a custom script so I can monitor chat while streaming. The problem is I only see chat messages.

My first question is can Phantombot just share my twitch account without creating issues?

Next, I would just like Phantombot to post simple messages for other notifications, like follows, bit donations, raids or things like that; is this possible and how difficult is it to setup?

Technically yes you can use your account, but the real answer is you shouldn’t and we will not provide any support if you do.

PhantomBot | Feature List breaks down the built in feature set.
Integrations - PhantomBot Community Forum contains guides for Streamlabs/StreamElements

The rest are all modules that you enable and configure via the control panel, and are pretty painless.

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