Follower Announcements and Rewards


There are some steps that must be performed to enable announcements and rewards for new followers. This guide aims to help with those steps.

The first thing to know is that a lot of modules are disabled by default when PhantomBot is installed. The following modules need to be enabled which may be done via the PhantomBot Control Panel (Dashboard > Modules) or via the chat room:

!module enable ./handlers/followHandler.js
!module enable ./systems/pointSystem.js

Next, you will need to enable announcements for the follow handler, again, either via the Control Panel (Alerts/Rewards > Follow Alerts and Rewards) or in chat:


You may choose to override the default reward (0 points) and message that is announced in chat as well. Again, either from the Control Panel (Alerts/Rewards > Follow Alerts and Rewards) or in chat with example settings:

!followreward 200
!followmessage (name) just followed the channel and received (reward) points!

If you wish to test followers just use the followertest command in the bot console.

The bot keeps the DB table and an internal cache of followed users in the Core. That cache must be cleared out. The thing is, Twitch sends a list of all followers; the bot has to say on first run “this is a baseline of followers, none of these could be new” and adds them to a cache. Then, on the subsequent runs it says “if not in the cache, send a New Follow Event to the module.” Then the module does a final check against the DB. Yes, it is a bit complex, but this is to reduce the number of events being sent to the module and reduces the checks against the DB.

Chat Alerts Arent Working