Facebook Autopost - Going Live

I know that the bot autopost to my twitter and discord, It would be really nice to have it auto post to my facebook “page” (not profile or group) when I go live. I think doing so would be easy as long as pages are set to public.
config to include your api key and the facebook pages id (number not name).

link twitter to facebook and twitter can auto post to facebook when ever you tweet… easy work around :slight_smile:

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Will the twitter autopost to a facebook page tho? I dont want it posted to my profile

Yes, it should.

Lol, Ill check into it when itll work for me. I cant even connect my facebook to my twitter lol.

easy to do workaround for this:
If this, then that - Post on facebook page if you go live

i use this feature myself

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Already using Ifttt but wish there was something built into the bot to do this. I don’t like relying on a service I have no control over.

I, for one, am not gung-ho on going through Facebook’s new Application Interview Process (effective April 4, 2018) to be able to use the Pages API to post content on pages and submitted paperwork, videos, screenshots, etc of the Login Process and exactly what the Application does. This is just part of the process:

I am thinking that like Twitter, we would have to also enforce several features to ensure that a user would not abuse the system - as people did with our initial Twitter release which, in the end, got our application banned so we moved to everyone owning their own. That would mean each user instead would have to apply for their own keys (like with Twitter today) and go through the interview process with Facebook.

I am also curious how they would test the application as PhantomBot is not an “application” in the concept that they are referencing. However, they do say to access the Pages API to post something to a timeline, you have to go through this.

That is going to be very interesting and easy for the people to post on both these platforms. I also have been using these for the promotions of my new business but now I think that Twitter and facebook ads services will help me get better traffic to the website. Has anyone tried paid ads on both these platforms?