Exclude people from triggering keyword responses

I have some keywords setup and working, great!

now i want to prevent certain people from triggering the keywords; specifically i only want the keywords triggered by normal viewers/subscribers but I do not want the broadcaster or moderators to trigger this keyword.

Its like the opposite of a typical permission based command.

is that possible?

tipicly no but im sure with a custom system it could do this by doing !if (!$.isOwner(sender) && !$.isMod(sender)) :slight_smile:

Thank you, this is very helpful.

i have some keywords i would want triggered by all viewers, and then some i would want mods and caster excluded from. i could see possibly adding others too. having different custom modules for each different variation may get a bit bloated…

i imagine that maybe the interface could be enhanced with check boxes allowing one to select which types of people could trigger the keyword? then maybe a case statement in code to switch based upon the selected values? :thinking:

probly not likely to happen as that would break the system for the user that already have it setupand thats not really how permissions were intened to work thats why for this its best to make a custom script