Exchange Phantombot Currency for StreamElements Loyalty Points

I really enjoy the PhantomBot Currency system and all the function associate with this system, but I want to use somes functionality from the Loyalty Points from StreamElements (by occurrence, the redeem function). I look into the API docs of StreamElements this is totally possible to add or remove points with the API. The page of the StreamElements API docs for Points System: Points - StreamElements

I know you have done something similar for the StreamLabs points (StreamLabs Points sync), so it should be nice if you can do for StreamElements as well.


Once this receives enough up-votes, would need to talk to StreamElements to better understand their rate limits. StreamLabs put us into an unlimited rate limit tier. StreamElements has 1000 in 60 seconds. Seems like a lot except if we have a lot of implementations and if StreamElements keys on Client ID rather than the OAuth Token. In other words, if all PhantomBot users that use StreamElements fall into 1000 in 60 seconds, we may have a rate limit issue. Unfortunately, StreamElements does not provide clear enough documentation to understand at what level of authentication the rate limits apply.

are 4 votes enough? :stuck_out_tongue: woult love this feature