Error with most commands entered in Discord

PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0 (Revision: fcc08b51)
OS Version: Mac OS X
Java Version: 1.8.0_151-b12
Browser and Version (for Panel Support):
Stock PhantomBot: Yes/No (Yes if you have not modified the scripts or Java Core)
FYI: I am not sure if this involves anything, but I updated my Mac OSX to MacOS Catalina Version 10.15

I tried to put in my custom name commands such as !credits (!points) and !what (!random) in Discord chat and I saw no responses in the console or Discord.

They used to have responses in the text channels, but now there is nothing.

Same issue here. Discord integration stopped working as of today. I hope its gonna be an easy fix, would be great.

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Place this into your PhantomBot/lib folder, overwriting the copy that is already there PhantomBot/Discord4J-2.10.1-shaded.jar at master · PhantomBot/PhantomBot · GitHub


thank you!

Same issue, same fix, many thanks!!

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Worked for me as well. Thanks!

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