Error log with DataRenderService

Nightly Build from: Today, but also the last 5 days.

Every time the DataRenderService uploads data, I get a log entry stating an error. So far I can’t see any missing data online though. I tested adding a quote and it appeared on the DRS page as usual.

No stacktrace available, just this message:

[02-16-2020 @ 20:50:53.430 CET] DataRenderService: Processing Data (see event logs for details)
[02-16-2020 @ 20:50:55.376 CET] [ERROR] [readJsonFromUrl()] DataRenderServiceAPIv1::readJsonFromUrl::Exception: Received fatal alert: record_overflow
[02-16-2020 @ 20:50:55.873 CET] DataRenderService: Data has been Processed

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