Elite: Dangerous Module for CMDR's using PhantomBot

Heya everyone,

I just thought that I’d post my latest little project that I have been putting together that allows for custom responses from your bot while you are playing Elite: Dangerous. A big part of this module requires you to use the add-on app EDDiscovery for Elite (available on Github here) which reads what you do in the game and can write text files to use in OBS. This module uses those text files to provide real time responses to where you are in game for your viewers to query. Also using sites like EDSM or Coriolis, you can specify your ship builds so that viewers can check out what you are flying without having to take a break in your gameplay.

There is a HTML code fragment that can be placed into the index.html file from the web panel (just below the extras is usually a good place) so that you can use the web interface for the module if using pure chat commands is not your thing.

Hopefully all of the commenting makes sense, and if nothing else can provide a springboard for other people’s own projects; if anyone wants any further info on what I have put together or has any feedback then just give me a shout.

A huge thanks to this whole community and the Phantombot devs for just being here and providing a superb platform so that you can teach yourself things and still surprise yourself along the way :slight_smile:



  • Unzip the folders within the PhantomBot folder to your own PhantomBot folder.
  • Copy and paste the HTML code with the fragment file into the index.html file found in web/panel and place it under the entry for the “Extra Tab”
  • Install and use the app EDDiscovery (link in the text above) while playing the game so that it can read your game journal file and write the OBS text files; this give the module the information that it needsto give the responses.

EDInfoModule.zip (9.5 KB)

For those that don’t like/trust zip files, the module’s files…
Twitch Commands Files
PhantomBot/scripts/custom/edinfo.js (12.1 KB)
PhantomBot/scripts/lang/custom/system-edinfo.js (3.5 KB)
Web Panel Files
PhantomBot/web/panel/js/pages/custom/edinfo.js (12.6 KB)
PhantomBot/web/panel/pages/custom/custom-edinfo.html (1.9 KB)
The Code Fragment to Inject…
PhantomBot-Tab-HTML-Fragment.html (457 Bytes)

EDIT: I will keep the latest live version of the code up on GitHub

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Hey would it be possible to put this to GitHub ?
So other user can help with it and/or improve the files?

Btw. nice thought for an custom script

The original format of this module is in a repo on Github which I have all of my custom modules in that I have taught myself with as time has gone on, however for people to be able to have a play around with the code, here is a repo for just this module.