DUEL - game


it is possible by random variable command create simple duel game?

I found these:

but did not work in last version phantombot (gui concretly).

I want simple duel game. 1player invite with bet curency and 2player deny or acept = random winer.

thx and sorry for my english.

I wrote such a script for my bot.

User 1: !coinflip [username] [amount]
User 2: !accept / !decline
No answer after 60 seconds cancels the request.
Instead of [amount] “allin” and “random” are also supported.

Would have to extend the script a little bit so that settings can be done with chat commands and I have to add an english translation (it’s only in german atm).

Will be complicated, if one has less points than the other. It’s like betting. You can’t win more than you set. And the other one should get the rest back.