Download Problem

i started installing PhantomBot-3.0.0 today. it was all fine until. it went to 33.0/33.0 MB, so the download is stuck and 100% has been like that for around 20min now, any one else that had this problem and how to fix

this is a known issues with most downloads on the latestest browsers if you go to the downloads folder it should still be done its just the browser rendering it as not done

i wish that was it. cus then this problem would be over but, even in there it still says its not finished

Only things I can think of is to try a different browser or to see if your antivirus software is holding it up

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i saw the same issue the other day, and was just contacted by a friend trying to install it and seeing the same issue. i know you said its a known issue, i just wanted to confirm its still hapenning

The download is hosted directly by GitHub, so unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done if there is anything on their side that could be at play here.

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