Discord Subscriber Logs

So when someone subs or resubs and gifts subs i have it set to log them in a discord channel. It logs all of them but when mods gift subs. I am not sure why this is being looked over by the bot. Has anyone else have this issue?


If by any chance your moderator gifting an anonymous subscription? Or doing it anonymously?

The msg in chat was “amandalynn just gifted 5 subscriptions to random users in the channel!” im not sure if this means what u need to know

As of right now, multiple subscriptions being gifted at the same time isn’t supported in Discord.

ohh snap im sorry i made t his topic i had no idea i thought it was supported. sorry for wasting you time good sir and thank you for replying

You’re fine, we’re planning on supporting this newer Twitch feature soon!

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any updates on this?

Was the system failing to log the gift subs at all or do you just want it to also log that the massgift option was used? As far as I can see in the code, the individual gift subs that resulted from the massgift should of logged to the Discord, but if it’s not working at all I can start a ticket to look into it.