Discord Module for Twitch-logs not working

I’m trying to get my bot to log the twitch moderation actions on discord, but it won’t send anything. Discord module works fine and can respond to botcommands. I run the bot as a service on a VPS, i tried stopping it and running it directly, using debugon as recommended to see what happens. I prompted the bot to timeout someone, or even did the mod action myself, yet nothing is logging.
Also the logs/moderation directory remains empty no matter what.

You’ll find the log from debugon below.
PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0 (rev fcc08b51)
OS Version: Linux 4.15.0-54-generic (amd64) (Ubuntu 18.04 Server)
Java Version: 1.8.0_212-8u212-b03-0ubuntu1.18.04.1-b03
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Chrome 75
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:40.811 GMT] prazerodyme: !echo /timeout Nightblue3 1
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:40.824 GMT] [CHAT] /timeout Nightblue3 1
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:40.833 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()@ScriptEventManager.java:77] Dispatched event CommandEvent
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:40.834 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()@ScriptEventManager.java:77] Dispatched event IrcModerationEvent
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:40.835 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()@ScriptEventManager.java:77] Dispatched event IrcPrivateMessageEvent
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:40.838 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()@ScriptEventManager.java:77] Dispatched event IrcChannelMessageEvent
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:40.839 GMT] [DEBUG] [onPrivMsg()@TwitchWSIRCParser.java:389] IRCv3 Tags: {user-type=, tmi-sent-ts=1562584780631, mod=0, subscriber=1, color=#35B30F, turbo=0, user-id=41763957, flags=, badges=broadcaster/1,subscriber/0, room-id=41763957, display-name=PraZeroDyme, emotes=, id=77b4b0ff-5c1e-400b-844f-bccf3e60f98d}
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:41.062 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()@ScriptEventManager.java:77] Dispatched event IrcClearchatEvent
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:41.075 GMT] [DEBUG] [onNotice()@TwitchWSIRCParser.java:482] Message from jtv (NOTICE): Nightblue3 has been timed out for 1 second.
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:41.078 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()@ScriptEventManager.java:77] Dispatched event IrcPrivateMessageEvent
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:46.128 GMT] [DEBUG] [updateCache()@FollowersCache.java:113] FollowersCache::updateCache
[07-08-2019 @ 11:19:49.462 GMT] [DEBUG] [updateCache()@TwitchCache.java:245] TwitchCache::updateCache
[07-08-2019 @ 11:20:16.465 GMT] [DEBUG] [updateCache()@FollowersCache.java:113] FollowersCache::updateCache
[07-08-2019 @ 11:20:22.237 GMT] [DEBUG] [updateCache()@TwitchCache.java:245] TwitchCache::updateCache
[07-08-2019 @ 11:20:46.770 GMT] [DEBUG] [updateCache()@FollowersCache.java:113] FollowersCache::updateCache
[07-08-2019 @ 11:20:55.100 GMT] [DEBUG] [updateCache()@TwitchCache.java:245] TwitchCache::updateCache

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Try running the following commands in Discord (make sure it responds that it has enabled logging)

!moderation logs toggle
!moderation logs channel #logchannel

Then run the following command in Twitch Chat (make sure it responds that it has enabled logging)

!moderation togglemoderationlogs

Then restart the bot

The twitch moderation log wasnt enabled, the twitch command and some off-on on the discord module made it work, Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

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