Discord Greeting System not working anymore

PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0-NB-20200207 (nightly_build) (Revision: d85739e)
Operating System: Linux
Java Version: 11.0.4+10-LTS

The greetingssystem of my phantombot in Discord doesn’t work anymore.
Every other function seems to be ok.
But even after a restart the bot sends no greeting message to new members of the server.
It used to work before perfectly fine. Since one week new members on the server don’t receive the greeting message anymore.

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Did you add a # to the channel name? Can the bot access this channel and can he write into this channel? How does the settings look like, screenshot maybe?

i got the same issue and yes the channel name was with # .

and i didn’t change anything and it worked befor.Greeting1 Greeting2

Okay strange. What I know is, that if someone leaves, the feature works. But I don’t use the join feature, so no idea.

Yes, the channel has the # and the bot has access and rights.
It used to work before and I didn’t change the settings.

Same here. Greetings won’t work anymore… I’m using:
PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0-NB-20200301 (nightly_build) (Revision: 7df73cf)

Are there any news to this problem?
In the meantime the bot also stopped posting shoutouts on my discord.

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