[Discord] Going Live like Mee6 (Now with autohost)

@IanDLive gettin the same problem over here running also on a vserver 24/7 it picked up once a user is live and then nothing happens until i restart the bot then it works maybe for 1 or 2 times then again

@H8aLo and @AdorkableSean Please check the main post for the fix for the toggle command :slight_smile:

I have installed this the commands are working but not posting anything :frowning:server is running 24/7 on Ubuntu on a 3 day old nightly build if that helps



  • Fixed the few true and false checks that broke in an update

goingLiveSystem.js (13.3 KB)
system-goingLiveSystem.js (2.1 KB)

Anyone having issues of the script stopping please do "debugon" in the console and see if you get "Running GoingLive Check" in the console (must be running 1.3.0)

Got his running and it is awesome thankyou so much for this wonderful module just a quick question is there a way to get the announcement to do a @everyone or a @here message with the going live notification?

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cant do them in embeds

ok was not sure if there was a way to do it like the there other bots have a tag in a line above the twitch details thanks anyway :slight_smile:

The bot did used to do that, I believe, then I think it was removed. I can’t remember the current setup or reasoning. It’s possible there’ll be a toggle when the Discord section of the new panel is done, but don’t quote me on that because it’ll make me look stupid if I’m wrong.

tbh there is a system like this added in the nightly so dont need my script anymore too

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Your script still has some features and differences from the Nightly. I wouldn’t write it off completely.

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Does this work for other streaming platforms other than Twitch?

Also is there a way to set this up so only a specific role on Discord can use the add command?

edit thank you for this though! I have it working apart from the above role question.

Twitch only, and all the commands are tied to the “admin” role the bot uses. You’d need to modify it to add either of the features you’re looking for.

Thank you for the reply, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with adding features, I’m willing to try though!

Could you add an option for something like “!goinglive list” and have it display it’s current list of streamers?

!goinglive list is already a thing LUL

OMG, how did I miss that? I could have sworn I scanned this page for a list command. Oh well…

@Dakoda have you thought of adding a feature like the original discord notifications do.

Such as when a stream goes offline, the message is deleted.

For reference its part of the ‘twitchOffline’ function, but I don’t know JS that well…

this is no longer needed as its part of the bot in v3.0.0

Oh? where have they hidden this new setting then?

Are you saying that you can now do what this module does with the core of phantom?