[Discord] Going Live like Mee6 (Now with autohost)


Anyone wish they could have a script to post into there discord when a friend goes live?
Well today you may be in luck with this custom script!

Current Version:


  • 13th March 2018

    • Added a auto host queue with a toggle on and off
  • 16th March 2018

    • Fixed a few bugs with the hosting system
    • Added a command to manually add people to the autohost queue (current session only and must be live)
  • 21st September 2018

    • Fixed the toggle’s so they now work correctly.
  • 25th October 2018

    • Fixed the few true and false checks that broke in an update

Install the scripts below into the correct folders then continue.

  • Run the command !goinglive channe [channel_name] in discord to select a diffrent channel to the default going-live channel name.
  • To add new streams type !goinglive add [streamer_name] or to remove do !goinglive remove [streamer_name]
  • Use !goinglive toggle [type] if you would like to toggle the message on and off


sample image


May be PhantomBot\scripts\lang\custom\discord \custom \systems\system-goingLiveSystem.js ? Sorry if the question is stupid, I’m not sure.


custom folder and the ones after that you have to make yourself


I mean that probably you missed “\custom” in the path. Not custom lang but custom discord.


thats cus you dont need custom in that spot you only need it once in the first loacaion i put it


Got it, thank you


ya cus its a custom lang instead of the default english ones so only needs thats custom folde

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Misprint on line 184 in goingLiveSystem.js: “dsicord”


thats ok that doesnt effect anything its only the timer name but ill fix it anyways




I like the idea of this module.

However, I do wish the embed was structured more to match the default Twitch notification alerts.

Other than that, nice job!

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Jack the only issue it that it doesnt save the same information like the average and high for other users thats why i limited it to what it does have


PhantomBot Version:

Me: !goinglive add lirik
Bot: @Me, lirik has been added from the streamer list.
Me: !goinglive toggle lirik
Bot: @Me, lirik is not one of the listed toggles.



tut tut does it say toggle needs a name? the toggle is a globe on or off for all users please read the commands above


what i think i should do its just have it as !goinglive toggle and thats the only thing you can toggle so makes no sence to have the goinglive after it


I’ve tried everything before

Me: !goinglive toggle
Bot: @Me, Useage: !goinglive toggle [type]





  • Removed the sub target for the toggle as there is only 1 toggle

$1, $2 has been added from the streamer list





  • Fixed a typo for the add command
  • Added a lang area for the link text

$1, has gone live

Just clarifying question: is that supposed to be “$1 has gone live” without comma, either "$1, $2 has gone live with $2" ?

[INFO] Lang string for key "discord.streamhandler.common.viewers" was not found