Discord bot logging is not show... and get error

Hello i haveerros like this

[05-13-2019 @ 17:23:20.232 GMT] [init.js:325] Error with Event Handler [twitchOnline] Script [./discord/handlers/streamHandler.js] Stacktrace [setStream()@misc.js:131 > streamHandler.js:206 > init.js:323 > init.js:853] Exception [JavaException: java.lang.NullPointerException: null]

and i have this

how fix this problem?

that error i believe was due to no title but i could be wrong :slight_smile:

have title

Without the version of PhantomBot and other information, I do not even know which source tree to examine to check the line of code.

Nightly? Non-nightly? I assume 3.0.0 but it isn’t specified. Stock? When opening a ticket we ask for:

Failure to fill out the requested information will result in us asking for it or closing the ticket as incomplete. This includes the request for Console output and any logs.

PhantomBot Version:
OS Version:
Java Version:
Browser and Version (for Panel Support):
Stock PhantomBot: Yes/No (Yes if you have not modified the scripts or Java Core)

This helps us greatly.


found this error

[05-13-2019 @ 19:15:08.520 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:325] Error with Event Handler [twitchOnline] Script [./discord/handlers/streamHandler.js] Stacktrace [setStream()@misc.js:131 > streamHandler.js:206 > init.js:323 > init.js:853] Exception [JavaException: java.lang.NullPointerException: null]


[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:22.751 GMT] The working directory is: /home/botuser/phantombot
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:22.855 GMT] Detected Java 1.8.0_65 running on Linux 4.14.98+ (arm)
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:24.298 GMT]
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:24.308 GMT] PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:24.313 GMT] Build Revision: fcc08b51
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:24.319 GMT] Creator: mast3rplan
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:24.325 GMT] Developers: PhantomIndex, Kojitsari, ScaniaTV, Zackery (Zelakto) & IllusionaryOne
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:24.330 GMT] https://phantombot.tv/
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:24.336 GMT]
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:28.126 GMT] YouTubeSocketServer accepting connections on port: 25003
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:28.278 GMT] PanelSocketServer accepting connections on port: 25004
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:28.976 GMT] HTTP server accepting connection on port: 25000
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:41.897 GMT] Validated Twitch CHAT (oauth) OAUTH Token.
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:41.890 GMT] Validated Twitch API (apioauth) OAUTH Token.
[05-13-2019 @ 19:11:46.637 GMT]
[05-13-2019 @ 19:12:06.721 GMT] Loaded module: core/misc.js (Enabled)
[05-13-2019 @ 19:12:07.085 GMT] Loaded module: core/jsTimers.js (Enabled)
[05-13-2019 @ 19:12:08.429 GMT] Successfully authenticated with Discord.

Used Google Chrome for panel and i use the Stable version of bot.

Is anything being printed in the bot console (black window) when the try adding a custom command in Twitch chat? This only logs commands added in Twitch chat, not added in the panel or Discord.

Fix that error message here:

found another ug

[05-13-2019 @ 21:26:08.972 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:325] Error with Event Handler [twitchHosted] Script [./discord/handlers/hostHandler.js] Stacktrace [hostHandler.js:120 > init.js:323 > init.js:601] Exception [JavaException: java.lang.NullPointerException: null]

Okay this isn’t an error, I have a feeling you didn’t set the right token for your bot to login into discord, are you seeing a message related to the bot being connected to discord in the console? Or it failing.

Try scrolling up the console

is fixed but now bot just ignore me i said !points !commands and !test and not respond. why?

In Discord or in Twitch?

in discord

Did you provide the bot with the proper permissions when you obtained the key? Does the bot show up as a “bot” in the channel and did you provide it with permissions to be able to write back data? Does data from Discord show up in the Console when people chat in Discord?

Without logs or console output, I am not sure what to suggest.

First i have all permitions in discord

second i put all permition in channel except normal user to see my channel log of bot

Three: found error

> [05-15-2019 @ 08:35:13.790 GMT] [init.js:325] Error with Event Handler [twitchFollow] Script [./discord/handlers/followHandler.js] Stacktrace [followHandler.js:60 > init.js:323 > init.js:580] Exception [JavaException: java.lang.NullPointerException: null]

but i fixed with last fix

and now i have probles with “ignoring” me in discord chat and no logging…

Channel is with #test or test or just numbers like 558585858… ??

If the bot Console is not seeing input from Discord, then the bot does not have permission to read the channel more than likely. By default the bot will attempt to read all channels that it is able to but it is more than the roles you show. When you created the key did you ensure to set the permissions as mentioned:


You should something like:

[12-29-2018 @ 11:01:38.947 MST] [DISCORD] [#arkchitchat] shailiekat: I think it might be all the gates ac
[12-29-2018 @ 11:01:47.770 MST] [DISCORD] [#arkchitchat] nvth1s: Well, back on K8 and TONS of resources,
[12-29-2018 @ 11:01:53.364 MST] [DISCORD] [#arkchitchat] shailiekat: those are new to the island

If you are not seeing the bot capture anything from Discord, then something is configured incorrectly, including, possibly, the key.

the problem is JAVA … on Pi

Did you go to the Oracle version that we recommend or did you find another version of OpenJDK?

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