Discord Bot 403 Forbidden with response code when sending DM on !account link

Hello all,

Receiving the following when attempting to do an !account link with the discord bot. The bot is set as an Admin in the channel with all permissions.

[02-08-2020 @ 17:16:59.342 GMT] [ERROR] [init.js:325] Error with Event Handler [discordChannelCommand] Script [./discord/core/accountLink.js] Stacktrace [accountLink.js:85 > init.js:323 > init.js:589] Exception [JavaException: discord4j.rest.http.client.ClientException: POST /channels/<channelIDremoved>/messages returned 403 Forbidden with response {code=50007, message=Cannot send messages to this user}]

Any thoughts on how to fix this? I confirmed that the bot is not blocked by the user account and the bot responds normally to other commands (ex: !8ball).