Data Rendering Service is LIVE


With the 2.3.9 release of PhantomBot, the Data Rendering Service is LIVE.

To sign up with versions prior to 2.4.0, proceed to and click the Register button. You will be provided with a key to place in your botlogin.txt (which requires a restart).

If you have version 2.4.0 or later, please proceed to to register.

You will be provided with URLs to give to your users from the domain:

For the domain:

PhantomBot will automatically upload Points, Commands, Time, and Quotes data every 125 minutes to the service. Depending upon server load and continued monitoring, that time may change, but be patient as the service continues to be monitored.

PhantomBot should automatically activate the module required, but if not:

!module enable ./handlers/dataServiceHandler.js

There will be some GUI improvements coming in the next couple of weeks to the service. Thanks to all the Beta Testers that found issues, reported them, and provided suggestions.

You may also modify the /addons/dataservice/commands_help.txt file to provide help that is uploaded to the DRS. Review that file for more information.


Bot Command List HTML

How Shall I activate this module?


See above.


I did it for a faster reply! I’ve also put “datarenderservicetoken=TOKEN” on my botlogin.txt.
I’ve check on a website, but there isn’t data uploaded! I think I’ve to wait longer, but is all right!


No problem. You can check the following:

  1. At bootup:
    [09-30-2017 @ 18:34:49.708 MDT] Data Render Service API Key Present, Enabling Data Feed

  2. In the logs/event folder, look for DataRenderService in the logs:

28-09-2017.txt:[09-28-2017 @ 09:26:03.158 MDT] [dataServiceHandler.js:21] DataRenderService: Handler Process Start
28-09-2017.txt:[09-28-2017 @ 09:26:04.568 MDT] [dataServiceHandler.js:33] DataRenderService: Commands API status : success
28-09-2017.txt:[09-28-2017 @ 09:26:04.658 MDT] [dataServiceHandler.js:48] DataRenderService: Quotes API status : success
28-09-2017.txt:[09-28-2017 @ 09:26:04.916 MDT] [dataServiceHandler.js:61] DataRenderService: Points API status : success
28-09-2017.txt:[09-28-2017 @ 09:26:05.073 MDT] [dataServiceHandler.js:74] DataRenderService: Times API status : success

The Beta testers have their data uploaded and updated, so do let me know. I was running more tests last night and was automatically uploading.

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[09-30-2017 @ 23:55:11.782 GMT] [dataServiceHandler.js:27] DataRenderService: Handler Process Start
[09-30-2017 @ 23:55:12.386 GMT] [dataServiceHandler.js:68] DataRenderService: Commands API status : launch_fail
[09-30-2017 @ 23:55:12.627 GMT] [dataServiceHandler.js:83] DataRenderService: Quotes API status : launch_fail
[09-30-2017 @ 23:55:13.097 GMT] [dataServiceHandler.js:96] DataRenderService: Points API status : launch_fail
[09-30-2017 @ 23:55:13.530 GMT] [dataServiceHandler.js:109] DataRenderService: Times API status : launch_fail
[09-30-2017 @ 23:55:13.537 GMT] [dataServiceHandler.js:111] DataRenderService: Handler Process Complete



Let me move this to a support ticket and tag you, ok?


ok :slight_smile:


I’d love to see the ranks listed as well.


Can not do ranks as ranks are not saved they are looked up and worked out at the time the command for the rank is ran


Not even the list of ranks and their requirement?


you mean something like this


That is correct.


yes it can be done but @IllusionaryOne hasnt put it on his system and more then likely wont as its not something many people would use but you could always make one yourself using the api built into the bot like i have done so Learn How


Rank may be possible one of two ways, I will see what I can do with the service.

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Soon :tm:

@RequestMapping(value = "/upload/ranks/{userName}", method = RequestMethod.POST, produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)

Awesome thanks for all the hard work you do :slight_smile:


Will look at releasing into the next Nightly Build and have updated the server already.


Does it rely on the bot being launched to upload or does the website pull every so often ???