Data Rendering Service - BETA IS OPEN


BETA is available. Contact IllusionaryOne if interested. Keep in mind that the service may be unstable and may encounter issues. This will require the latest Nightly Build (7 September 2017 and beyond).

[Update 09/30]

Commands will now automatically send over the response (what the command does) and you may continue to optionally provide a Description.


[Update 09/28]

Several updates! The system now runs on a timer, so commands do not need to be ran from chat. However, to ensure that the server is not overloaded, there is presently a 2 hour rate limit and the bot will only attempt to send data every 2 hours. Depending upon system and data loads, this will be looked at in the future.

Points are now supported as are times! Also, for Custom Commands:

You will have the ability to provide a description for each of your custom commands in ./addons/dataservice/commands_help.txt. This should help in letting users know what each custom command does rather than guessing what they do.

[Update: 09/15]

Points and Time support have been added. Also rate limits have been added. For BETA these will be low, for production these will be higher. Also, revamped the interface a little bit. The icon from the Twitch channel will take you to the Twitch channel and the tables use a different rendering library and are a bit different.

As more and more folks have asked for the ability to host their custom commands and quotes, I have been working on a small side project. I am working towards the launch of a Beta program to allow folks to sign up for a Data Rendering Service which authenticates via your Twitch account, provides you with an API key, and then you may call commands (will be automated after Beta) to upload custom command and quotes data.

This is the not so attractive part:

[09-03-2017 @ 16:34:48.097 MDT] [CHAT] @IllusionaryBot, Data has been sent and loaded.
[09-03-2017 @ 16:34:54.043 MDT] [CHAT] @IllusionaryBot, Data has been sent and loaded.

But, this leads to the attractive part:


The underlying technology is Spring Boot using AngularJS, Bootstrap and Jquery. The service is also fully responsive and should scale fine on mobile up to a regular monitor.

I am hoping to launch the service in the next week and allow for a number of Beta testers to give it a go.

My hope is that this helps bridge a gap that some of our users have in a desire to host some of the data from their PhantomBot when they are unable to do so because of running from local systems.

More to come as the release date gets closer!


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