Daily Payout (custom script)


This cool custom script will let you have a daily payout system for your bot!

Current Version:

ImChrisP (For The Idea)

Install the scripts below into the correct folders then continue.

  • Run the command !coolcom !daily 86400 user to set the cool down for each user to 24 hours.
  • Use the command !daily set to set the settings for the !daily command.



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Custom Command (Daily Points)

I see this is on twitch but is there a way to integrate this into discord?


i could if i was not lazy :slight_smile: but id have to look on how it works as its a currency for twitch


You can use the currency in discord. It’s really just a matter of converting the file over and making it so only users with linked twitch accounts can access it. The other game scripts that are for discord have code showing how to do this.

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Discord Version

I’m not 100% sure it works as i didn’t test it but it should do the job

NOTE you cant change the basecommand for the discord version but u can add that if you wish i just made the base script

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you might not be able to change the base command but just as make an alias let me give it a try


so I got the file downloaded it, added it, (im assuming !daily is the base command) but I get no response, not even in the command.exe window


worked for me make sure u have it installed in the correct folder



This is the exact file location, (minus my computer name and drive blah blah) I put it straight under system to begin with, then I went by your file location.


and you have your account linked ??



going through the loaded modules in the cmd.exe prompt the module itself is loading and enabled but when I do the command it doent give a negative or positive response


ok hang on I just got an error

[ERROR] [init.js:325] (hook.call, discordChannelCommand, ./discord/custom/dailySystem.js) ReferenceError: “isMod” is not defined.


you must of put the none discord version in the discord folder LUL


one issue with having it in discord and twitch is that the cool down isnt the same for both so they can claim it in each spot even if they already did twitch they can do it again in discord


I just went back to make sure I did the discord one and it gave me the same error message




  • Added a check to look if the command has been ran on that date
  • Added a VIP rank payout for them cool VIP’s



For me, Line 92 in the daily system is backwards with the !, and I had to change it so it would not tell people I wasn’t live when I was.

if ($.isOnline($.channelName)) {

My current line 92.

Also, line 19 in lang should say “while” instead of “well” Thanks for hooking us up with this.




  • fixed a few bugs and spelling errors i forgot to upload after i fixed them


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Will this still work with the latest version of phantombot? cause i cant seem to find the custom foldfers or do i need to make that folder myself?


that folder would need to be created yourself :slight_smile: i put all my scrips into a custom folder for easy updating :slight_smile: