CustomAPI Bug

just a bug report for @ScaniaTV when using (customapi ) like below you get this happening due to text being after the custom api

Joined the FamBamily on (customapi ● Catnip: (points) ● Hours: (time) ● Rank: (senderrank)

Is (time) a tag in your bot? It isn’t in mine which causes the error. If I remove that tag (the customapi line is a debug line I put in):

[03-18-2019 @ 23:28:06.977 MDT] (customapi) -> Joined the Channel on (customapi <>) ● Catnip: 1165969  ● Rank: The Bot IllusionaryBot
[03-18-2019 @ 23:28:07.298 MDT] [MUTED] Joined the Channel on No user with the name "illusionaryonetoo" found. ● Catnip: 1165969  ● Rank: The Bot IllusionaryBot

Can try to look at changing the regular expression otherwise to attempt to match the first parenthesis rather than the last.

Try this regex replacement for customapi


The deal is, currently we match on \W, and that is going a little bit above and beyond.

Looks like it works:

The characters chosen are based on RFC 3986.

That worked like a star i dont have (time) in mine but the person that reported the bug to me does

Excellent, I will go ahead and push this change and see if anyone finds problems with it in the Nightly.


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