Custom quote command for puns

So, I would like to have a customised quoting system. What I was thinking was something along the lines of !addpun [username] [pun text]. and then having them play back randomly upon !pun.

it would have to go in a separate list, I guess.

I am not a programmer, but would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me out here.

I literally just took the quote system script and lang and replaced quote with pun. Fairly simple.

Panel Files: (6.8 KB)
Script: punSystem.js (11.8 KB)
Lang: systems-punSystem.js (2.3 KB)
If you’re adding this to your panel, you’ll need to upload the panel files to your phantombot web directory, then edit your /web/panel/index.html Under the Quotes Block add

                    <!-- Puns tab -->
                    <li class="treeview">
                        <a href="#puns.html" data-folder="puns">
                            <i class="fa fa-smile-o"></i> <span> Puns</span>

and tadaa

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Wow @tbstewa, that was super quick. thank you, I’ll see if I can do this.
(notprogrammingsavvy fiddling)

will report back with results.

I think i got it.
Many Thanks @tbstewa!