Custom name of EXP & up level notification



Custom name of exp like “(user)got 123 exp.” Could “exp” this word change to “loyalty” like “(user) got 123 loyalty.” ? Then the up level notification mean when viewers up level 2 to level 3 this bot will automatic say "(user ) is already up level 2 to level 3, congratulation!! " . And then the response of the bot can custom i think will be more better. Hopefully can accept these features. :grinning::grinning:


I’m not exactly sure what exp system you’re talking about, but 99% of the text the bot prints out can be found within a lang file somewhere in the bot files. I know that’s an obscure description, but I’m not exactly certain what you’re talking about.

Before continuing, please read the following guide:

If, for instance, you were talking about the rank system. You could find the lang file for the rank system in /scripts/lang/english/systems/systems-ranksSystem.js

You’d copy that file over to the custom folder (described in the guide) and then make your changes.


Thanks. :wink: