Currency Reset


The ability to reset the currency on phantombot would be nice in order to regulate the currency more for each viewer


Reset on a per user level, or a complete reset of every users points?


a reset of every users points at once


You can use the !points reset command for this.


i want it to reset for every user not just one and i also want to keep the same name for the Points. It Will Still Work?


Invalid option passed to !points command


This command removes every user that is in the points table database, so it resets for everyone. Your settings will remain the same.


its !points resetall, thanks for your help!


if there was a button on the panel under the points section that could do this, that would be great as well


There was one at one point, but users voted for it to be removed so it didn’t get clicked by mistake. Also sorry for providing you with the wrong command, we have so many that I forget at times.


ah ok i understand why it was removed, also no worries i still found it and it works just fine so again thanks for the help!

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