Could we use alias(es) too overwrite non custom commands?

As putting songrequest just to request, or something similar?

Yes, you can use aliases on a built-in command so that it can be triggered by a different keyword

Awesome, lol now if I could just put a keyword to be triggered to the bot to output and read the output…



keyword has it reply !request UjDGvoL4woE

and the bot actually puts it in the queue…

Keyword can trigger commands, for the keyword response you would use the “command:” variable to do this. Here’s an example

!keyword add playthis command:songrequest song id or name

Ah, awesome just what I was looking for thank you… however, there isn’t away to throw a command in the middle of it which is unfortunate

1️⃣ !addcom yourCommandName (command songrequest) UjDGvoL4woE

2️⃣ !keyword add regex:^play-aa command:yourCommandName

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