Copy !random to !dadjoke


Good evening! I’m very new to PhantomBot and I want to make my first “big” change. I’d like to keep !random, but make a copy of it and populate it with dad jokes. The new command would be something like !dadjoke. I have found the following files:

scripts/lang/english/games/games-random.js file.

Where else do I need to look to make copies and relevant changes?


Those are the only 2 files. You should copy the scripts/games/random.js into scripts/custom/games/dadjokes.js and scripts/lang/english/games/games-random.js to scripts/lang/custom/english/games/games-dadjokes.js

From there it’s editing the files to avoid conflicts.


I figured that was all, but I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t working at first so I thought I was missing something. I discovered later that I had a typo… All is well now, thank you!