Cooldowns are not functional

I reported on this issue before with global cooldowns for custom commands, but after more extensive testing, it would seem that cooldowns do not work across all commands, global or otherwise. Has anyone else noticed this issue?

did you test this with an account which does not have the moderator status? If you are a moderator all cooldowns will be ignored.

Ya, I performed the tests on a dummy account.

What exact build are you running? (Bot will post it on startup)

And what are the exact steps you took to test this? (List all commands)

It seems there’s an issue in my bot specifically. I used a fresh copy of the nightly build with my botlogin text file and everything works as expected. Now some major commands don’t work in my copy (3.0.0). I tried using !addcom and got this message:
[ERROR] [init.js:317] Error with Event Handler [command] Script [./commands/customCommands.js] Stacktrace [logCustomCommand()@customCommandLogs.js:44 > customCommands.js:870 > init.js:315 > init.js:510] Exception [JavaException: java.lang.NullPointerException: null]

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