Cooldown adjustments

I’d like to see the ability to add global AND user cooldowns per command. Many people such as myself tend to use a combination of the two and would like to see it a feature.
Even setting a default cooldowns per commands is a great idea to not have users’ bots go over their message limits (as I know many don’t have the known or verified bot status)

Just a note, the bot already has rate-limiting in to prevent going over the message limit, regardless of known/unknown status

To add to GMT’s note, keep in mind that once the bot is given moderator status, the number of messages is higher than a known bot (which a majority of folks will get, verified is typically for very high traffic bots and isn’t as prolific as known bots).

Limit Applies to …
20 per 30 seconds Users sending commands or messages to channels in which they do not have Moderator or Operator status
100 per 30 seconds Users sending commands or messages to channels in which they have Moderator or Operator status
50 per 30 seconds Known bots

The primary reason for folks to have their bot registered is for whispers, if those are so desired.

Yes I’ve had a look into the config - would still like to see something default implemented to prevent spam in chat; I think it’d be beneficial.

iirc you can’t actually get the known status anymore, only the verified status - which is 7500/30 seconds.
My bot has the known status and verified status, but the form I used to get the known status isn’t active anymore. I’d like to see twitch reactivate this, but there’d just be far too many submissions.

Like I said above, I’d still like to see a solution that prevents spam in chat by default.

You indicated first you do not want it going over the message limit when in reality you do not want a specific level of spam. The bot is built to not go over a limit as has been indicated. So what you are saying is that you just want to see this change for a different reason.

The form was removed as far as I know and instead you request a rate limit increase of varying types, as indicated in the API documentation. What bot is yours? If you have both statuses I can ping Twitch support internally (I sit in their internal Slack) and ask them to clarify if that is correct or not.

My bot is feelsokaybot

Iirc the only form available now, is this one: Limit Increase | Twitch Developers
And you’re saying you select an API limit increase? :thinking: