Clip alert refresh rate

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Hi, how do I increase the refresh rate of the clip alerts? It seems to pull the latest clip once every 10 minutes. How do I change this value?

It’s actually polled every 30 seconds.

Twitch is known to cache the results from API calls to prevent you from massively hitting their database. This means that after the first API request for a particular URL, it will return a saved copy of that first response for a certain amount of time, before it expires.

Perhaps I should’ve clarified that I was talking about the Discord clip alerts.

While I understand what you’re saying, it strikes me as odd that these alerts are sent at exact 10 minute intervals regardless of how many or when a clip was created. And that regardless of how close to the 10 minute mark the last clip is made, it always that last clip that is output.

Twitch only updates the API once every 10 minutes, however at times it can take longer or just never receive the clip. It’s not a stable API.

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