Clean installation, but keep the settings?

PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0 (I intend to update tho)
OS Version: win 10 professional
Java Version: v8 update 231
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Google Chrome 81.0.4044.129
Stock PhantomBot: No, installed a waifu bot and some pokemon hunting minigame, hence the clean installation planned

Good evening,

after installing a few additional scripts phantom bot slowly started to be less responsive and a few of the new commands even straight up froze it forcing a restart. I’m hosting the bot locally on PC and it’s only turned on when I need it.

Now my question is, if I want to get a clean install, but keep my personal info, custom commands and panel changes I made which files do I have to keep and add back to the folder after a clean install?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

To keep your settings, copy over the config folder

For any custom scripts, copy the script over to the same position within the folder structure that it already is in

For any modifications to stock files, if there were no changes in the stock PhantomBot, you can just copy/overwrite the file. If changes were made in the update, you will have to redo the modifications manually

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Thanks, worked as instructed!