Change in Twitch API for /host?

Have Twitch changed the API for /host (channel)? I can’t seem to get !host (channel) to work anymore. Not even on previous versions of Phantombot that used to work.

Can anyone confirm this issue?

Note: There might be a differences using the /host-function on a channel that is online vs. offline. Last time I used /host on Twitch on a online channel, I was faced with some kind of ‘Are you sure you want to host instead of raid?’-option. This might be new on Twitch.

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make sure the Module is on ?

[05-13-2019 @ 18:35:32.312 BST] hecodes2much: !host cruxedkat
[05-13-2019 @ 18:35:32.322 BST] [CHAT] .host cruxedkat

I have checked the settings. And that is exactly the response I get in the console. But no response on Twitch. Typing /host (channel) in the bot-chat interface do work.

If must try to dig deeper if i’m the only one with this issue.


im not 100% sure but the bot might have to be an editor of your channel?

And it is. And it worked 2 days ago. I will do a little more testing …


Hey 2cBot,

In your bot’s console, type debugon and press enter, that will enable the bot’s debug mode. After that, please try hosting someone with the !host command and paste the logs from when you typed the debugon command.

i would also double check and make sure the bot still has editor too :slight_smile: just to make sure

Well, this seems to be me problem, but I just don’t know why. Everything seems to be correct.

05-13-2019 @ 19:51:05.947 CEST] [onNotice()] Message from jtv (NOTICE): You don’t have permission to perform that action.

If this is an issue I have made myself somehow, then I should try with a fresh install. But everything else seems to be working fine. So I don’t suspect any Auth to be an issue.

that looks to me that its the fact that you dont have editor on the bot


I know … But something else must be my problem.

I’ll will try with a new install, and try to figure out what my issue is.

do you happen to be using the streamer name and bot name the same? by any chance?+

It was a auth-key issue, but i’m not completely sure why. I generated a new key for the bot, and that did the trick.

Is it be course I use the same bot-key for multiple instances of Phantombot?


that shouldnt be the issue cus i run 3 bots with the same auth

Strange … Well… Next time I must pay a little more attention to the debug-list and see what it says.

At least my problem is solved.

Thanks guys ! Again, you a doing a awesome job with this bot! :slight_smile:


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