Change dates in quotes?


Is there anyway I can change the dates in my quotes?
I’m importing quotes from another bot and want to save the dates of the quotes so I can have them reflect the dates of the streams.


The quotes are stored as JSON strings in the format ["username", "quote", "dateMillis"] where dateMillis is the Unix Timestamp, converted to milliseconds, of the quote.

You could, in theory, manually edit this timestamp in the database on every quote. There are numerous Unix Timestamp converters on the internet, just make sure to add 3 zeros to the end of what you get (to make it milliseconds). You can then just replace the timestamp in the database on each row manually using an SQLite DB Browser/Editor.

Just be very careful not to mess with any of the square brackets, commas, or quotes in the value or you will break it.


Just going through old requests, this is now possible on the new control panel.



When I look at older quotes, I see this in the date box:

I’ve gone back through my list, and the change seems to have been between the 13th and 14th April last year, which I think is likely when I updated to v2.4.0.3 late, at a guess.

The sorting column on the panel and the printout in chat are both showing correctly.


I would have to see what the date (in the database) is to fix it.


Will grab a sample later.

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The browser console might also spit out the raw date being passed, can’t remember for sure though.


Fixed in PR #2136

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Thanks, merged.


That works, saves me all the trouble of dumpster diving through my quotes list. :smiley: