Can't reconnect after initial install

PhantomBot Version 3.0.0
OS (Linux, Windows, OSX) Linux
Java Version jdk 1.8
Browser (for Web Panel) Chrome

I’ve been following this guide YouTube Trying to get the bot installed.

I can get it to work and is connected to twitch after first install. I cannot connect to
the web panel.

I shut the bot down per the instructions in order to write the .service file.
I then write the visudo file as instructed. Yes I did change the username to mine.
I then set up the UFW and opened the ports
I also opened the ports in compute engine/ Gcloud

At no point can I connect to the web panel. I keep getting a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

And the bot does not work on my twitch page.

I know I have the ports open and in the CE web panel it shows that the bot is active.
I’ve deleted the instance and rewrote it 4 times now and I’m going nuts.


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