Can this bot trigger song at or from timestamp based on alert condition follow train? And show/hide source?

I’m doing bot research rn and I have two goals for some interactions I’m trying to create. (I saw in another thread that support for trains was removed earlier this year…?)

First: can this bot control switching scenes or sources based on conditions or variable? I would like to turn off, on, or change camera, for a set duration, upon certain events like subs.

Second: can this bot trigger sounds based on conditional events, and can I program fornext or while, loop conditions?

I want to chop daradude sandstorm up into parts: 1 through 10.

Each time someone does an action, be it follow, sub, or donate 50 bits, as long as it happens within a train countdown timer that is no longer than daradude_part_x+30sexonds, then queue next daradude_part to play, else reset to zero. (Could also be handled with play_from_to(time_stamp(),time_syamp()) etc)

Also I would like to add smart lights and source switching controls to this.

Essentially, if the hype train can build up, once it goes too far it reaches a point of no return. But it may take multiple times to get enough actions to trigger the entire song and all associated events.

Doable? Or do I need to explore other bots?

You can write your own scripts using JavaScript, and there is support for importing and using Java within them. So theoretically you can do whatever you want.

There is builtin support for triggering sounds and associated gifs by submitting the proper event to the websocket for our audio source page.

Controlling scenes, sources, and smart lights may require a bit of work on your part. The easiest way to do it would be if there is a simple API available for the endpoint controlling each item that works with a basic HTTP request containing some kind of authentication token, such as Anything more complicated than that may require significant work on your part to do.

The bot includes event handlers you can subscribe to for incoming messages, subs, bits, followers, streamlabs donations, raids, hosts, and a few other things.

how easy would it be to utilise this GitHub - Twasi/websocket-obs-java: A java library for the OBS-Studio websocket plugin by Palakis. ?

There is no builtin support for loading arbitrary libraries that aren’t already included so you would have to recompile the bot from source to add that in

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