Bot wont work in discord


Ive added the BOT to discord but to a test empty server first - works perfect.
BUT I’ve now added it to my Discord and the BOT wont do a thing i even made a new app BOT on discord re linking but only thing its doing is - been on line and goes off when i close the control panel.

I have no idea what im now doing wrong,
Thankyou for your time


What doesn’t work? Commands? Alerts? Did you set the correct channel for the output?

Nothing works accept it been online, I got it to work in a test discord server, and it worked perfected so moved it over to my main discord and now nothing works

Have a look at this post.
Try downloading the .js update. This worked for several users.

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Thankyou i will try this :slight_smile:

Im getting this and when i click on it as well its says no longer there

go to this page and try the link there for the .js file. Link here

I Have sorted it now thankyou,
My settings in discord what made the bot not work, Thankyou for anyone what advice and commented
sorry about late reply :slight_smile:

Can you explain what settings you had to configure to make it work for others’ benefit?