Bot with No Mod


Just downloaded PhantomBot and I have some fun plans of things to do with it, so far I have one question.

I have several streamer friends, and I want to bring the bot into a couple of their chats on command. I know how to change the targeted channel where the bot is, but I would want the bot to work without the need of a mod, since it’s more of a game tool other than a moderation tool.

Is there a way to bypass the need for mod in order for the bot to work in a channel in any capacity? I was looking through some of the json files but with no luck I guess a setting like that wouldn’t be there?

You’d need to modify the code, which voids all support we offer.

The other thing you have to be careful of, unless you get the bot marked as a “known” bot, registered with Twitch, is rate limits. The key reason for the bot being a moderator in the channel is to help ensure that it doesn’t receive a temporary ban for sending too many messages.

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