Bot does not respond to commands after a while

my bot runs fine for several hours, for example, after 5 hours: suddenly he no longer responds to the commands in the chat. The bot itself does not show any errors. I have this problem on windows linux macos. I downloaded the bot quite normally, but this problem still exists. the only mistake to watch is this in the picture watch. ! Logs error-core

! Terminal

Check if your bot still a moderator (type /mods in twitch chat), when this situation occurs.

yes my bot is still mod with me if this problem emerges and is also in the chat. When I finish the bot and reboot everything works again and after a few hours the problem reappears

Just for the funs of it, have you changed your key(S)?

I remember having this issue long time ago on just one of the bots I run. But not sure how I fixed it.

If I had changed the key then he would not connect anymore!

Try updating your oauth keys for the bot, sometimes twitch likes to give people a hard time with them.

So I recently had a kind of error as described above and it was again the same error in cmd! but this time it took 30 minutes then came all answers from bot this is the Twitch server?

Update your post with the information that was requested when you made it. We cannot give more feedback without it

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