Bind PhantomBot to a specific IP address

Good evening together.
I’m running a Server with multiple public IP Adresses.
From what i’ve seen on the Github its not possible to bind PhantomBot to a specific IP address on a system that has multiple available.
Would be a great feature as the bot would not use up ports on an IP that is never used for accessing it.

This is on our Trello list, but we just haven’t talked about adding it yet, I’ll let you know if we decide to add it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. have not looked on the trello list.
imho the “if” should not be a question as its good practice to do so.
on my particular machine i have multiple things running that only bind so specific interfaces so the bot could come in trouble when it tries to bind to an already used port

We just like to talk about a feature before adding it, in case it could break something with the current build, or for other users.

as an “if possible” maybe keep the current behaviour as default to not break stuff and add the bind to specific ip as an optional thing if defined in the config.
just as a clarification: my imho was not meant to be attacking in any way in case that could be read so.

You’re fine, we just like to have that talk before adding things, it also keeps everyone in the team up-to-date. :slight_smile:

Seems to work fine after a bit of testing, you’ll have to add bindIP=IP_HERE_OR_HOST_NAME in your botlogin to use it. This will be in the next nightly build.